Simple . Authentic. Personalised.

“We’re a tight knit team’ of professionals with big creative ideas.
Our primary goal is to create beautiful, authentic event spaces that celebrate the milestones in your life.

Style and practicality are at the heart of who we do.

About us

Oakwood Events Uganda is captained by Stella and Charlotte, a duo of experienced Event Planning and Management Specialists. It has been growing and creating magic since July 2017. This magic is created and curated by our in-house administrative & technical team, which is supported by a wide range of industry experts and vendors.

We are very deliberate about working with vendors who not only have a strong work ethic, but also take great pride in their work. It’s important to us to work with professionals that find joy and fulfilment in their work, so that this positive energy filters through our work process up to the client.

Now that we have you here, we’d love to take this chance to share the meaning behind our unique company name.

I’m sure you’ve wondered why we are named after a premium hardwood produced by the Oak tree. The name was proposed by Stella (our in-house bookworm & eternal optimist), and this is why we agreed with her.

While ‘Oakwood’ is a very heavy and durable wood, it’s also one of the most malleable hard woods there is. This means it can easily be crafted into beautiful pieces of furniture that can last for decades.

These qualities of the ‘Oakwood’ spoke strongly to the core values that we wanted the Oakwood Events Uganda brand to represent – i.e. resilience, flexibility, longevity and premium value service.

Indeed these same values continue to guide who we are and how we work.

Meet the Core Team

We provide all the background event support you need, so that you can FULLY ENJOY & INTERACT with your guests


Lead Event Manager & Operations


Lead Event Planner & Creative Design

Oakwood was founded by Stella & she’s our lead Events Planner.  She also coordinates the firms business development & creative design. Stella’s a trained economist & events planner who’s been blessed with the knack of creating concepts that bring to life the client’s event vision in such a ‘practical but profound’ way. She is passionate about art & flowers, and is actually a self taught garden style florist.
Charlotte is her right hand and our lead Event Manager, coordinating all the firms operations and financial management. She is a trained financial analyst & HR manager with a natural gift of building cohesive teams and creating a harmonious workplace that fosters high work productivity. Charlotte is a natural diplomat, whose mental math skills are truly out of this world! She is also a super duper amazing chef and a sweet tooth.
Together, Stella & Charlotte have more than a decades experience in project planning, management and business administration. They are have a time tested system for developing precise work flow processes that ensure that Oakwood executes the client’s event vision on time and within budget.

The core team is supported administratively by Ms Sharifah ‘Shifa’ (Admin & Communications), Irene M Caird (Social Media Coordination), Hassan N. (I.T / Graphics Design), as well as Joseph K. ,  Onyango H. and Kunihira J.  (Event Site & Field Operations)